A slide show of images from the row and some words below.

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Crew change – the crew getting ready for a crew change in the early evening. Crew changes were a masterclass in crew coordination. We kept at least one set of oars going at all times. The people logistics was tough, with very tired and only just woken up bodies. There were always comedy moments.

Guin navigation – when time allowed Guin updated the chart with the latest noon positions. Alex is drying her jacket by wearing it. The forward cabin are drying their mattresses, while on para anchor.

Grand Banks – Gilly on watch with Guin rowing through mist. The Grand Banks were an eerie few days being surrounded by walls of very wet air. Every now and again the sun would burn through. The nights were difficult without a horizon to reference your eyes. It was a good day the day we rowed out of the Grand Banks mist.

Bottom scrub – when the time came to clean the bottom of Liberty it was over the side a scrub like mad. The water was so cold, Mary and Guin only managed 4 minutes in the water.

The days drifted in on and on… day after day…