RWC Hell Select Weekend Jan16-45
Molly & Gilly on the ergs

January 2016 – Final section and hell weekend

In the last remaining days of January, in a remote farm building behind the banked levees that stop the Crouch Estuary from flooding the fields, was a clank clank of metal hitting concrete.

The location was Dammerwick Farm and final selection for the Rannoch Women’s Challenge crew. The 26 hours were a mixture of power testing, a 6 hours endurance task, an undefined overnight trek, a ‘sleep-were-you-can’, a pre-dawn 30 minute row and a panel interview. All with the aim to ‘see’ the real personalities and team interactions shine through.

RWC Hell Select Weekend Jan16-1
Alex pushing out the watts in Hell weekend

All the while Louise Carey (rower and SAS Are You Tough Enough contender) and Polly Gough (rower, sailor and medic) looked on watching every move, and listening to every word.

Tom from 1080media  followed the action with his camera, at times like a shadow  in the darkness.

Come dawn the crew places were confirmed, offered and accepted.

RWC Hell Select Weekend Jan16-77
The crew moments after the final line up was confirmed

The crew was born.