Completing the North Atlantic Row is not without its difficulties. We face the threat of icebergs, extreme weather conditions, isolation, and are responsible for all boat repair and maintenance during the challenge.

Teamwork will be vital; we not only need a skilled and competent crew but a fantastic support team of the best experts and sponsors who can help us achieve our record-breaking aim.

The crew will be skippered by Olympic silver medalist Guin Batten and include Alex Holt, Gilly Mara, Mary Surtherland and Molly Brown, who at 20 will be the youngest female to row an ocean.

Together, with our partners  the Rannoch Women’s Challenge can develop an inspiring story of women succeeding in an extreme environment. We aim to send a message of female empowerment in traditional male sectors, and forge links with other female business, sporting and adventure networks to share this message.

If you want to explore becoming a partner of the make contact with Alex by email on

The campaign partners

There is an opportunity for a partner to make this incredible journey with us; to share their expertise and help tell the story of the partnership to the world.

There are a range of marketing and promotion opportunities for your brand from naming the campaign, to branding on the boat, clothing, website etc. There are also opportunities for personal appearances and link ups to with your staff and clients, in London and New York.

We anticipate the challenge garnering significant press coverage, and it will be promoted on our social media channels.

Become a supporter

Achieving our record breaking aim will only be possible with a fleet of special supporters. This is your chance to get involved!

We have two options for you

£500 club: aimed at small companies who wish to support us. Your logo/ name will feature on the boat hull

£100 club: aimed at individuals wishing to be part of the challenge family. Your name or choice few (3) words will be placed inside the cabins to remind the crew of your support and inspirational messages


Like everything in life, it is the small things that count, so if you are interested in being part of our family please drop Alex an email let her know on

Click here to learn more about our amazing current sponsors and partners.

A few words about our past partners

SKORCH generously partnered the Challenge for the London Boat Show in January


SKORCH is a lifestyle brand for people who love the outdoors. It’s a rapidly growing British business who’s largest market is the USA, although their products are now available in the UK, France and Germany.