The London Boat Show

In January the Crew were at the London Boat Show, and we personally spoke to over 1,600 people about Liberty and the Atlantic crossing. British Marine estimated that 90,000 people attended the show, which was massive.

Sumary of winners BS16 1Joe and Conor from SKORCH did a great job in supporting the ERG Challenge, in manning the stand and in providing the lovely prizes for the daily winners.  An estimated 400 people got on the machine, to bulldoze down a 100m. There were some amazing scores posted – the best male was 14.8s and best female 18.1s. Thanks to the SKORCH team for a real collaboration and in helping to make the ERG Challenge work so well for people.

More about SKORCH


SKORCH is a lifestyle brand for people who love the outdoors. It’s a rapidly growing British business who’s largest market is the USA, although their products SKORCH at the BoatShoware now available in the UK, France and Germany. SKORCH places a lot of emphasis on practicality as well as fun, which are reflected in the design and branding of their waterproof bag range. The brand is attracting a large following of “SKORCHERS” and actively engages with this community. UK based founder Jonathan Mama is proud of the fact that SKORCHERS send in messages from all over the world saying how much they love their bags and sharing their excitement at having met other SCORCHERS in faraway lands!