Onboard update from Guin

Day 26
Spent the day with periods of 3 up rowing and speeds ranging from 2.8-4.4 knts, dealing with challenges in respect of a swell from the south but finally passing the 45W target we have been after, and achieving the best ever 24 hour period for distance travelled. Whilst this has given us a huge sense of achievement it is also a realisation that the crossing will take more days than originally hoped, (although still too early to give you an ETA).

Day 27
Through the night the sea state dropped and they now have a SE wind around and a counter current to deal and whilst feeling a little tired the Liberty crew are focused on pushing on with 3 up rowing between 6.00am -8.00pm today.

The best news from the boat…….. is that water temperature has now increased to 17.7 degrees from 14.4 yesterday which indicates that long awaited positive current form the gulf stream may well be on its way.

Thanks for all the messages

Day 26 selfie
Day 26 selfie

2 thoughts on “Onboard update from Guin

  1. Dear Ladies, We met you at the London Boat Show and I’ve just found your business card in my jacket pocket ! I am delighted to see your video and know that you are all ok. I love the 10 things you miss post, never thought about taking walking for granted. I’ll keep following now I’ve got you on the radar, wishing all the best, Helen Appleby from Clearwater Sailing.


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