2 weeks at sea

We are just finishing our second week at sea and after multiple attempts at sending through video blogs, I (Molly) have decided to go old fashioned and do a written blog.

Week 1 was a big adjustment for the crew – spending the second night on para anchor definitely helped us find our sea legs. By the end of the week we began to fall in the rhythm of life at sea on Liberty which goes a bit like ‘eat, sleep, row, repeat’ (I’m sure you know the song)

By the beginning of week 2 all of the crew have found our sea legs, helped along by the big seas and big winds we had pushing us east, leading us to some great progress in the right direction. Unfortunately ‘The Big O’ (aka. The Atlantic Ocean) decided we had had enough favourable winds for a little while, we pushed on for as long as possible but eventually had to retire the the para anchor once again. For those of you who don’t know this stops us being pushed by the wind too much and is used when you can’t make way in the right direction. As I’m writing this we have the sun shining and flat calm seas which is a sign of the wind changing and hopefully bringing us some more westerlies.

Today we passe for first milestone, getting past 60W, celebrated with a peparami and a minute off of rowing- LUXURY!

All in all we are having a great time out here on the ocean so far, we have seen some amazing wildlife including Dolphins, Whales, sharks, and 2 little birds that have been following us for several hundred miles.

Keep sending through your messages to the crew, Alex has been reading them out to the crew and it’s great to here from everyone back home.

One thought on “2 weeks at sea

  1. Good luck Gilly your Nottinghamshire cousins are wishing you and your team favourable winds and a speedy journey.


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