I was going to write a blog about life in the swamp that is the stern cabin, with its sodden mattresses that make everything damp, its internal hydrological cycle including a water feature coming from the compass bracket and the painful screeching of the auto helm as you try and convince yourself it’s not going to break down. But then I thought why focus on the negatives and I’m sure that description gives you a pretty good idea …

So instead I am going to tell you about the different waves that have been helping or hindering our progress.

Firstly there’s the SLOPPY JOES, these are the ones that shake the boat side wards and cause injuries to knees, shins, thighs, thumbs etc

Then there’s the SIDEY, generally this is a last minute spot and tends to give the rowers a wave full on their laps

ROLLERS are the massive ones that come up behind you and look like they are going to make you fly but then actually you just pop over the top, if however they break on the top it then becomes SURFER and surfs up with an amazing wooshing sound of water under the boat – again a fantastic noise feature in the stern cabin.

The final thing to note, especially when swapping over the hand steering, is the discussion of where the waves are coming from, to which the answer will without doubt be ‘wherever the bloody hell they want to!!’

Despite all this in house entertainment I have been sleeping very well!
I hope this gives you helpful insight about our life on board Liberty, you will be hearing more from me and more information on our ways of life shortly
Thanks for reading,

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